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Fraud Stops Here.

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If you're ready to get one step ahead of fraudsters and increase revenues by accepting more good transactions, let First Data help you decrease your fraud rates with Fraud Detect?.

  • Leverages First Data's global merchant services foot print and cyber security intelligence
  • Integrates a big data platform with machine learning capabilities
  • Delivers real-time risk scores that help accurately identify fraudulent transactions
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Accelerating time to revenue for our clients. View the video to learn more.

The Future of Fraud Protection

Whether payments are being made with a mobile payment method or online using a credit, debit or gift card, Fraud Detect can help put you one step ahead of fraudsters, enabling you to accept more good transactions, and see your fraud rates and costs go way down.

It’s already delivering dramatic results for merchants just like you:

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$1 Million Saved in Chargebacks Fees*

by a quick service restaurant using Fraud Detect to identify and alert them of fraudulent transactions before they happened.

Fraud Detect’s Accuracy Rate*

Fraud Detect’s accuracy rate in identifying fraudulent transactions reported by a big box retailer.

80% icon
Less than 1% icon

From +32% to less than 1%*

Decrease in fraud reported by a petroleum company using Fraud Detect.

* Based on client results 2017.

Ready to Start Outsmarting Fraud?

Fraud Detect is designed for merchants who are experiencing a fraud threat in eCommerce or card not present channels. Merchants can successfully address issues surrounding fraudulent transactions, reducing the number of flagged orders requiring review and significantly lowering false positive rates. Download the Fraud Detect Data Sheet

Outsmarting fraud whitepaper

Read our client case studies and learn more about how you can fight fraud with innovative technology by downloading our infographic, “Say Hello to Growth.”

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